Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Join the group "Help Dan Brewington see his girls" on Facebook

Yesterday I started the Facebook group "Help Dan Brewington see his girls" and there are already close to 200 members. My goal is to get as many members as possible so "professionals" like Dr. Edward J Connor and Judge James D Humphrey will understand how many people are against taking away children's ability to see their parents. Please help me send the message to Dr. Edward J Connor that children should not be used as prostitutes for the financial gain of so many who profit off of divorce and child custody cases. With numbers, we can put pressure on judges and institutions that appoint "professionals" like Dr. Edward J Connor of Connor and Associates. If these judges and institutions become more aware of how many people know about the situation, they will be less likely to revert to appointing a bad psychologist out of convenience or loyalty. Please help me in my mission to be a father to my two daughters and to take a stand to protect children and families. Thank you.


  1. How many of the 200 members are really YOU Dan?

  2. Response to Anonymous- ONE. Go on Facebook and check it out for yourself. Are you upset that people are supportive of my situation? Please note that the Facebook profile "Daniel Brewington" that is a member of "Help Dan Brewington see his girls" is not me. Daniel Brewington is a partner of the only all English media group/radio station in Santiago, Chile. Keep rationalizing whatever agenda you may have. If you check Facebook right now, my group is near 400 members and growing. What you seem to believe to be acceptable, most people believe to be an atrocity and there has been international support for what I am doing. Feel free to join "Help Dan Brewington see his girls" if you like. Next time you make a ridiculous post, Anonymous, try mixing in a fact or two. Thanks.