Monday, February 8, 2010

Response to Anonymous Post

Once again someone named "Anonymous" has posted a comment on my blog. I do not know if this is the same "Anonynous" who wrote that they were willing to face me anytime. I do know that "Anonymous" found it necessary to reply to two of my blog posts at 11:42 PM and 11:51 PM on a Sunday night

I have a hard time understanding why people are willing to allow public officials to continue to hurt children and their families. I have posted a plethora of examples of where Dr. Edward J Connor lied about why he can or cannot release the case file. The first Judge, Carl Taul, recused himself because he did something illegal. The second Judge, James D Humphrey, denied my motion for a guardian ad-litem to protect the children and then terminated my parenting time citing that I was potentially dangerous because of my "irrational behavior and attacks" on Dr. Connor. Dr. Connor testified that I could care for the children on the days that my ex-wife worked because he did not have any evidence that suggested the children were in danger in my care. Dr. Connor didn't recommend supervised visitation. My ex-wife requested that I have supervised visitation, and then said my mother wasn't qualified to supervise it, despite making no attempt to modify parenting time during the course of the 2.5 year divorce. My mother is a retired 8th grade math teacher with her master's degree in guidance and counseling and my Ex did not have a problem with my mother watching the children when we were married. Why did the Judge terminate my parenting time? Dr. Connor did not recommend it. My Ex only asked for supervised visitation. There was no evidence or testimony of abuse or neglect. There were no retraining orders, no police reports or any involvement from child protective services. Judge James D Humphrey wrote, "The Court is most concerned about Husbands irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor." Judge James D Humphrey was concerned about all of the letters I sent Dr. Connor that questioned why Dr. Connor did not tell the truth. The Court stripped two little girls of a father because he didn't like the way I held Dr. Connor accountable for lying. For some reason, "Anonymous" tries to defend the Judge's decision to make two little girls fatherless without any evidence of abuse or neglect.

Anonymous wants to know what hoops I have to go through. Judge Humphrey said I have to have a psychological evaluation to determine if I am a potential danger to the children. Dr. Connor's evaluation and testimony made no mention of me being a danger to the children. If a second evaluator said there was nothing wrong with me, I could petition the Court to allow me to go through two, two hour supervised visitation sessions a week with the children, in a therapeutic environment to see if I was a capable parent. After that, I could petition the Court for unsupervised visitation. When I petitioned the Court to release Dr. Connor's case file to a psychiatrist so I could be evaluated, Judge Humphrey said he didn't have jurisdiction because the case was in appeal. I had to appeal the matter because Judge Humphrey ruled I had to pay my Ex nearly $170,000. She went after a future interest in farmland that my parents' invested in. If I were to die before my mother, I would have no claim to the inheritance and it would go directly to my girls upon the death of their grandmother. My Ex argued that she should be entitled to $122,000 worth of farmland knowing that it could be our daughters. I had to appeal to protect my children's future inheritance.

Why won't my Ex let met talk to the children on the phone? I don't know. There are no restraining orders preventing it; she just arbitrarily cut the girls off from their father. I write letters to my daughters asking them to call me but I guess their mother won't let them. My Ex had the children call my aunt over Christmas. My oldest daughter told my aunt to tell daddy that she loved him. Why wouldn't my ex let the children talk to me on their birthdays and Christmas? Why would my Ex and her attorney, Angela G Loechel submit a bogus document as evidence in an attempt to obstruct my access to the case file? I have attorneys working on getting me back to the children. The problem is, they have a hard time understanding how Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor could obstruct my access to the alleged evidence against me. They don't understand why Judge Humphrey would turn his back on Dr. Connor's false written statements and erroneous testimony. Everyone in the legal world believes I am entitled to the case file from the child custody evaluation except Angela Loechel, Judge Carl H Taul and Judge James D Humphrey. If the Court was concerned with me posting sensitive information on the internet, the Court could have put a condition on the release of the case file where I could be held in contempt if I would have shared the information with the public. Why are they protecting Dr. Edward J Connor?

Tattling. That's what it is Anonymous. Dr. Connor went to the Dearborn County Prosecutor's office. After Detective Mike Kreinhop talked to me, he said he believed Dr. Connor went on the offense when I began questioning why Dr. Connor was lying in his letters. Detective Kreinhop said he felt that Judge Humphrey became defensive after I challenged his expert. Why didn't they file any charges against me? Probably because I didn't do anything illegal. If an investigation by the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit determines that I didn't do anything illegal, then the person making the complaint was probably trying to cause me harm. Contact Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard's office to find out for yourself (812) 537-8884. Contact Detective Mike Kreinhop. Detective Kreinhop investigated the matter and apparently didn't find any wrong doing because they did not arrest me. Detective Kreinhop must be a somewhat credible person because he is running for Dearborn County Sheriff.

If Judge Humphrey wanted me to be involved in my children's lives, why did he take them away. If you study the Indiana Code, Anonymous, you will find that IC 31-17-2-8.3 states that if a parent commits a domestic violence crime in front of the children or in earshot, they must have supervised visitation for one year not to exceed two years. I committed no crime yet people who beat their spouses get more visitation than me and Anonymous feels Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor's actions are justifiable. Why should I have to prove that I am a capable father when there is no evidence to suggest that I am not? People are always lecturing fathers about playing a role in their children's lives, yet "professionals" like Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor work to take parents away. If Judge James Humphrey's contention is that I am a dangerous person, what does that say about the mother of my children? She never made any mention of the children being in danger during the course of a 2.5 year divorce. My Ex was fine with "using" me as a babysitter because she never missed a day of work due to me being unavailable to care for the children. She bashed me in the final hearing in an effort to drive a wedge between the girls and me. If she failed to recognize that the children were in danger when they were in the care of their father, who's to say that she wouldn't place the children in danger with another care provider? If the children were never in any danger while in my care, then someone did something very bad. As a responsible adult, I feel I have a duty to inform the public about the criminal misconduct that takes place in the Dearborn County Family Court system. If my Ex would have agreed to allowing me to have close to equal time with the girls, none of this would have happened. Rather than acknowledging a father's commitment to his children, Judge Humphrey punished me for failing to accept the role as an every other weekend dad that my wife felt was best for the children. Rather than accept the common understanding that it is acceptable that children are stripped of their parents, I'm doing something about it. Judge Humphrey had previously ruled that my internet content was not harmful to the children because he didn't grant my ex-wife's motion to order me to take them down. If Judge James D Humphrey punishes my children because I exercise my 1st amendment rights, then Judge Humphrey is more concerned about protecting himself and his expert than protecting the rights of two precious little girls. That is a story that needs to be told.

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