Sunday, February 21, 2010

Striking a nerve with someone

Apparently someone who goes by anonymous is upset with my blog because they continue to call me obsessed, paranoid, etc... I had my blog preferences set so anyone could freely comment on what I write but I changed the preferences so I had the ability to review comments before they were posted. With that being said, I want to give "anonymous" their fair shake and I am posting their comments on this post.

-"Wow Dan, it seems that everyone is out to get you! (or, you could just be paranoid) -Anonymous

Paranoia is baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others. Dr. Edward J Connor lied about his ability to release the case file from the child custody evaluation. Judge Carl H Taul recused himself for communicating with Dr. Connor outside the presence of the parties. My ex-wife submitted a signed Office Policy from Dr. Connor's office as evidence, during a June 13, 2008 court hearing, that I was not entitled to the case file. In a letter dated 9/9/08, Dr. Connor wrote that the Office Policy was an adjunct document to the court order. During the final hearing on 5/27/09 , Dr. Ed Connor testified that the Office Policy was not an adjunct document to the court order and claimed his former secretary inadvertently had my ex-wife sign the policy. Judge James D Humphrey wrote, "The Court is most concerned about Husband's irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor." Judge James Humphrey terminated my ability to see my children after refusing to allow me to inspect the "evidence" against me. Judge Humphrey denied my motion to appoint someone to represent the children to inspect Dr. Connor's case file. Two police officers confronted me in the Dearborn County Courthouse and told me that I had to leave, then they left me alone when I did not leave. I was the subject of a "secret investigation" by Prosecutor Aaron Negangard and the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit. When I declined to come in to be "interviewed" because the would not tell me who made the complaint or what the complaint was about; the "investigation" went away. When I requested a copy of my daughter's school records, the school said there were no records other than 2 progress reports. Ms. Mary Henninger, Assistant Superintendent of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati stated there were no other records to give. Following the parent/teacher conference that the school invited me to attend, the principal allowed me to briefly inspect my daughter's file and I found a photo of me and a note written in my ex-wife's handwriting instructing the school to call the police if I appeared at the school for any reason. Either the school was negligent in inviting me to parent teacher conferences, or the note was just another attempt by my ex-wife to keep me out of my children's lives. When I approached the Archdiocese of Cincinnati about the matter, they would not comment and referred me to their lawyer, Mark Vander Laar of Dinsmore and Shohl LLP of Cincinnati, Ohio. Why? Either they provide me a protective order that states that I am not entitled to my children's school records or provide me with the records. Rather than handling the matter in a professional manner, the Archdiocese referred me to their legal counsel as if they did something wrong. To meet the definition of "paranoia", my suspicion of the above people and acts would have to be considered "baseless" or "excessive." I have documentation, audio, and/or video to support all of the above if there is any question to the accuracy of the above statements.

-"Are you sure that it was your Ex who was diagnosed with the OCD? It seems as if you are the one who is obsessed!" -Anonymous

Anonymous claims that I am obsessed. The irony is that Dr. Connor made no mention that I may suffer from OCD. If Anonymous believes that I do suffer from OCD, then Anonymous believes that Dr. Connor's report is flawed because he failed to make any mention of OCD. Many people applaud my ongoing efforts in fighting to be a part of my daughters' lives. The following are some of the messages of support I received from emails, Facebook, etc...:

"Your determination is amazing Dan! If my kids father had even a quarter of your determination life would be great! :-) keep fighting Mr. Brewington"

"Dan, went on your blogspot today and saw some of the video of you visiting the courthouse. Stay strong and keep fighting. So ridiculous."

"I'm really sorry to hear about your kids. I hope one day soon you'll be able to enjoy them again.They are beautiful girls and I see you're proud of them :) I wish you the best in your journey."

"You keep on doin what you`re doin Dan! We all love ya!"

"Your friends are always behind you, we love you and support you."

"I hope you have a blessed day Dan!!! God loves you and will get you through this and help you with your girls!!!"

"Dan, I just read through your site again and I encourage you to keep fighting! My boys are everything to me and I can only imagine your pain. I hope everything gets turned around for you in the New Year!"

"Too many people allow corrupt officials to intimidate them. Keep fighting Dan."

Hang in there Dan! Somehow things will work out. Have Faith :)"

"Hopefully, this coming year will be a better one. You have so many people pulling for you."

"Your girls know you are with them in spirit and in their hearts! Hang in there, Dan, you will be with them soon and you will have such a great time making up for lost time! They love you and know that you love them so just keep that in your heart!"

"Hang in there Dan!! I have to admit I wish my dad had fought for me......I was adopted but now 35 yrs later he wants me in his life.....imagine this! Keep fighting Dan!!!!!!!"

"My heart is with you. I can't imagine my husband being forced to miss either of the girls birthdays,it makes me want to cry."

"The fact that your putting out the effort shows the kind of dad you are. Just keep on fighting Dan"

Keep fighting Dan! We are all praying for you and your kids!"

I hope the Dearborn and Ripley County governments understand how this appears to the outside world. I hope the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (or their lawyers), understands that people are praying for me and my children while the Archdiocese and the school waste the money of parishioners on legal fees rather than follow their own policies on regarding the release of student records. I hope Anonymous understands that I did not create the situation, but I have a lot of people praying that I fix the problem.

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