Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Audrey

Tomorrow is my daughter's 4th birthday. I haven't seen her or her sister since August 18, 2009. Their mother stopped letting me speak to them on the phone on September 4, 2009. I missed the first day of kindergarten, the first day of preschool, a 6th birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, a 4th birthday and everything in between. Judge James D Humphrey said I had to jump through hoops if I want to see my daughters again. I can't even do that because Judge Humphrey ruled that I have to pay my ex-wife nearly $170,000. Judge Humphrey ruled that I have to pay my ex-wife $122,000 from my parent's farmland that I have no ownership stake in or control. There is a lien on my mother's property because of the ruling. He ordered that I pay $40,000 out of $50,000 my ex-wife's legal fees. Because I was forced to appeal the monetary judgments, Judge Humphrey says he can't hear anything regarding the children because the case is in appeal. Nice work James, lump people's children in with the dining room furniture and 401Ks.

This is what Judge James D Humphrey wanted for my children. He set everything up so I may not be able to see my children for maybe a year. Judge Humphrey punished my children to protect Dr. Edward J Connor. Dearborn County officials do not care about children. State Senator Johnny Nugent turned his back. Prosecutor Aaron Negangard does not care if children are abused by Dearborn County Courts. Sheriff David Lusby doesn't care. Detective Mike Kreinhop, who recently announced his candidacy for Dearborn County Sheriff, is aware that Judge Humphrey's expert committed mail and wire fraud but told me to take the problem elsewhere. Dearborn County Officials would rather protect their own than to protect children.

So what do I do? I keep working. I keep fighting to keep pressure on Dearborn County officials who abuse children or allow the abuse to happen. I have people working on the appeal to try to undo the damage that Judge Humphrey did. I'm going to miss a year of my children's lives because Judge James D Humphrey is a nasty evil man. I am going to be sure that the year will be spent trying to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.


  1. Sorry Dan that things are not working out for you. Why doesn't your x-wife let you at least talk to your children by phone - not in person - that might work? Somehow I don't think the judge lumped your children in with the household items and the 401K's. That doesn't even make sense. Usually the judge wants the father involved in the childrens lives - we all know children do better with a loving, responsible, caring father figure in their lives. What gives? What hoop does the judge want you to jump through?? And how does the $$ you owe for your x-wifes legal fees prevent you from jumping through the hoops? If it were my children I would be finding out how to get through those hoops and not miss another important day in their little lives. Good luck.

  2. Sometimes it's better not to be in Kansas.

  3. Maybe your not in KS anymore ToTo!!

  4. Dan,
    I haven't seen my son since June 2009 but have full visitation with my daughter from the same mom!!! Judge Humphrey is " about the kids" huh?? All I did was call her a F'N C--t and I guess my son does 14+ months of not knowing Daddy.( he turns 3 in august)

  5. Contact me if you want to. I'm working to bring Humphrey down. The reason why I haven't been arrested or sued for calling Humphrey a child abuser is because it is true. I'll see if I can help you out.