Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mike Kreinhop for Dearborn County Sheriff?

Mike Kreinhop is running for Dearborn County Sheriff this year. Detective Kreinhop is the detective who contacted me about the alleged investigation of me by the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit. Detective Kreinhop requested that I meet with him in Dearborn County so I could answer some questions regarding some of my internet content. Detective Kreinhop said an attorney brought the matter to the attention of Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard and Prosecutor Negangard instructed Detective Kreinhop to investigate me. When Detective Kreinhop refused to tell me who made the alleged complaint or what the complaint was about, I declined to meet with him. Detective Kreinhop refused to tell my attorney why he wanted to question me. Detective Kreinhop refused to meet with my attorney if I wasn't going to be present. I did not hear from the Dearborn County Prosecutor's office or Detective Kreinhop until about a month later, after I dropped off a packet of information to the offices of the Dearborn County Sheriff and Prosecutor. I included in the packet of information, a copy of the video of two police officers harassing me in the Dearborn County Courthouse; a copy of the audio of Circuit Court staffer, Bonnie Cunningham stating, "Our Judge doesn't lie" in response to my request to inspect public records; and a plethora of false written statements, made by Dr. Edward J Connor, that were sent via fax and US Mail. In my letter I stated that I was concerned about a man alleging to be a detective who contacted me about answering a few questions but refused to tell me what the investigation was about. I wrote that I was distressed that the alleged detective indicated that he knew where my mother resided in Cincinnati. I hand delivered the information on the afternoon of Friday October 30, 2009. Detective Kreinhop showed up at my mother's house in Cincinnati, Ohio the following Monday.

I never worried that Detective Kreinhop wasn't who he represented himself to be. I was not concerned that he knew where my mother lived. I wanted to see how people reacted to my letter. Detective Kreinhop appeared at my mother's house claiming that he was just confirming that I was not going to meet with him. I already told him that. My attorney already told him that. Why did he did he drive all the way to Cincinnati to confirm that I was not going to meet with him? Why didn't Detective Kreinhop check in with the local police department? Why does the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit waste time and resources harassing me without telling me what they are investigating me? Detective Kreinhop said he met with Dr. Edward J Connor. Was Prosecutor Aaron Negangard protecting the expert/friend of the Dearborn County Courts?
Some of the officials of Dearborn County, Indiana are spineless cowards. Detective Kreinhop knows about Dr. Connor's conduct. So does Prosecutor Aaron Negangard. Why don't they do something about it? On the flip side, why don't they do something about me? It appears that they did not need to talk to me to decide that they were not going to press any charges. I welcomed charges as it would give me the constitutional rights that I was denied in the Mickey Mouse Dearborn County family court system. I told Detective Kreinhop that I would be requesting a jury trial and I would be subpoenaing Dr. Connor, judges, lawyers, etc... Rather than man up, Prosecutor Aaron Negangard decided to quit harassing me. If the investigation found that I did nothing wrong, Prosecutor Negangard failed to do anything about the bogus complaint and allegations of Dr. Edward J Connor. Not only does Prosecutor Negangard turn his head to Dr. Connor's illegal activity, Judge James D Humphrey continues to appoint Dr. Connor in criminal cases involving Prosecutor Negangard. Dr. Connor was recently appointed to evaluate the "Dexter Killer"; a high profile tragedy where a brother murdered his younger sibling. Judge James D Humphrey, Prosecutor Aaron Negangard, and Dearborn County Sheriff Candidate Mike Kreinhop are all aware of the illegal activity of Dr. Edward J Connor yet they turn their heads. They turn their heads when it comes to protecting some of the abused children in Dearborn County.

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  1. Go get'em Dan. The Courthouse,especially the DAs office, is the septic tank of Dearborn County. I'm talking first hand experience!