Monday, February 8, 2010

People who defend bad people

This is what I have to deal with in a day, this person alleging to be not my friend wrote:

How's the job seach going Dan? So you can get the $$ you need to get counseling so you can see your children?!?! You seem to have plenty of time to follow what goes on in Dr. Connors life - let's follow yours!! What did you do today besides this? GET REAL!!! While you are playing around doing this I know your wife is taking care of the kids, working, paying her bills and trying to provide a healthy environment for your children. What did you do today?? I know, you worked on slamming Dr. Connor - I am sure this will get you just want you want . . . your children back in your life. If you had them back then you couldn't do this and you would need to get a job to help support them - if you are still not working who pays child support????? Get help!!!!! KUDOS DAN!!! Not your friend - Trish!!!

It kills me how this woman named Trish (I know it's not you TC) is worried about my job. Why don't you ever mention that my ex wife lived for free for nearly five years when we were married. Why don't you mention that she never tried to modify parenting time during the 2.5 year divorce that she filed for? Given her profession, it would have been a class B misdemeanor if she failed to report child neglect. Why don't you mention that she successfully convinced a Judge to award her over $122,000 for property that was not marital property? Did you mention how her family has worked to keep the children from being able to communicate with their father on the phone? Why are you so angry? Do you think that I am unreasonable for questioning someone who lied about their office policy statement. Do the research Trish. Do you know why I don't get to see my children? Because my ex wife couldn't just quit at requesting supervised visitation, she had to say that my mother, who has her master's degree in guidance and counseling, wasn't qualified to supervise the visitation. What people really can't grasp, aside from the fact that my ex refuses to let the children speak to their father, is how a person could make a claim to property they know is not theirs. My mother and father spent their lives investing in farmland. Just before my father died of cancer, they put the farmland in a trust. My mother has the right to use all of the assets of the trust for medical reasons, standard of living, etc... as the trustee sees fit. I have no ownership or control of the trust. If I die before my mother, I get nothing and the girls inherit property upon mom's death. After 4.5 years of marriage, my ex wife deemed it necessary to make a claim to $122,000 of the trust and the judge awarded it to her. Not only did she take the children away from their father, she did everything she could to destroy everything the girls' grandmother and grandfather worked so hard to build.

My Ex told me she didn't expect the court to take away all of my parenting time. Why didn't she file something? As for going to counseling, I have been going to the same place for ADHD for over 8 years. Check the evaluation. Dr. Connor didn't say that my ADHD would cause any problems for the girls; he said that my Ex's OCD may cause problems if not treated. You keep protecting people who lie in court. If you have so much insight to the situation, why don't you bring some evidence that I have done something bad to the children. Oh, I'm sorry, there isn't any.


  1. How could you get anything if you died before your mother? You'd be dead.

  2. Are you sure it was your Ex that was diagnosed with the OCD? It seems as if you are the one who is obsessed!