Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Please pass the collection plate... all the way to the lawyer's office

...At least this is what some parishioners will be doing this Sunday if they are donating to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

I have been requesting a copy of my daughter's school records for five months. I have been told that there are no records; I have all of the records; I cannot have all of the records; etc... The school's policy states, "In the absence of a court order to the contrary, [this particular Cincinnati Catholic School] will provide the non-primary caregiving parent with access to the academic records and to other school-related information regarding the child." There is no court order stating that I am not entitled to the information but the school refuses to provide me with the information. Ms. Mary Henninger, Assistant Superintendent of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, stated there was no more information to give me aside from two progress reports and referred me to their lawyer, Mark Vander Laan of Dinsmore and Shohl.

First I want to stress that I have no opinion regarding Mr. Vander Laan or anyone at Dinsmore and Shohl. These are merely the legal representatives that the Archdiocese is paying to deal with my situation. Rather than take responsibility for the principal's statements and actions, the Archdiocese would rather take money out of the collection plate than give me a logical explanation why they will not allow me to access to my daughter's records. I know the school doesn't believe that I am a physical risk to anyone because they invited me to attend parent/teacher conferences. It was after the conference when the principal gave me a copy of a photo of me and a note written by my ex-wife instructing the school to call the police if I appeared at the school for any reason. The principal claimed she did not know where the note came from. She claimed that I provided her with the photo that the note was attached to. I did not provide the photo and I certainly did not provide a note instructing the school to call the police if I appeared at the school. Rather than deal with the situation, Ms. Mary Henninger deferred me to their legal counsel.

Just remember Cincinnati Catholics, when you are passing the collection plate this Sunday you are passing it down to Mark Vander Laan of Dinsmore and Shohl because Ms. Mary Henninger and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati decided to pass on taking responsibility. Lawyers cannot shield people from responsibility forever. They don't have lawyers at the Pearly Gates.


  1. There could be some lawyers at the pearly gates. I know a couple very nice, professional, giving lawyers.

  2. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that all lawyers went to hell. I was just making the point that people don't have the option of hiring a lawyer to argue their case for admission.